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All Materials


SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ offers a broad range of alumina compositions ranging from 80-99% purity levels. Lower purity alumina compositions offer superior thermal shock resistance, while high purity compositions significantly increase maximum working temperature. Give us a call for advice on which alumina composition would be best suited for your particular application.

Fused Silica

While fused silica does not have the high operating temperatures as our alumina refractories, it does provide superior thermal shock resistance in both kiln furniture and molten metal applications. In addition to its high thermal shock resistance, fused silica refractories also have an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it an excellent choice for some applications.

Silicon Carbide

SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ offer a wide range of silicon carbide compositions designed to meet customer specific needs. All of our silicon carbide materials are extremely thermal shock resistant. Give us a call for advice on which silicon carbide composition would be best suited for your particular application.

MOR Shock Mullite

SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ MOR Shock Mullite compositions were designed specifically for use in thermal shock applications. MOR Shock products provide a cost-effective, high strength alternative to traditional high alumina refractories and lower cost cordierite refractories.